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10 Best Alkaline Water Bottle Brands 2018

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Drinking alkaline water provides you with huge health benefit that is not possible when you drink normal water. But still many don’t know the importance of alkaline water and its benefits that they still use normal water. If the water is more alkaline than more acidic then it enhances the immune system and also keeps your body hydrated for a long time. With its excellent antioxidant properties, alkaline water comes with various health benefits as it always keeps your body cool and refreshing which in turn relives all the stress in your organs caused due to effects of acidic content in the body. Hence, your body is always maintained in an optimal working condition. It is also great in getting rid of all toxic residues from your body.

In this article we’ll be exploring about the 10 best alkaline water bottles in the market along with the things that you need to consider before buying an alkaline water bottle.

1. Essentia Ionized Alkaline 9.5 pH Bottled Water, 1 Lite

Essentia Ionized Alkaline bottled water comes with various benefit as it provides unmatched hydration levels when compared to other alkaline water bottles. The taste of the alkaline water is also smooth. The water is filtered using a unique filtration mechanism that utilizes special electrolytes to enhance the pH levels of upto 9.5. These higher pH levels provide the required energy and helps in keeping your active and energetic throughout the day. It also helps in maintaining normal blood pressure levels along with improving the health of your heart and muscles.


Product Highlights

  • Comes in 1.5 liter water bottles of 12 packs
  • Comes in ultra-clean plain design
  • Essentia alkaline water comes with a smooth taste
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Provide better hydration levels
  • Provides a restful sleep
  • Antioxidant properties enhances the immune system
  • Comes in BPA and phthalate free recyclable bottles
  • Employs micro-filtration process to provide clean and tasty alkaline water
  • Comes enriched with natural and pure minerals


2. LIFEWTR, Premium Purified Water, pH Balanced with Electrolytes for Taste

LIFEWTR is another premium purified alkaline water bottle brand that comes with pH balanced water that is added with special electrolytes for enhanced taste. LIFEWTR also provides increased hydration levels that helps in keeping you energetic throughout the day. LIFEWTR also presents in itself a unique design and creates a new platform for designers and artists to create inspiring label motifs that come on top of the bottle. The LIFEWTR series of purified water bottles come with vibrant motifs from famous artists like MOMO, Jason Woodside and Craig & Karl.

LIFEWTR, Premium Purified Water, pH Balanced with Electrolytes for Taste

Product Highlights

  • Comes in a pack of six 1 liter bottles
  • Enriched with electrolytes to improve the taste
  • Completely pH balanced alkaline water
  • LIFEWTR series of purified water bottles comes with limited label motifs designed by popular artists like Craig & Karl, MOMO and Jason Woodside


3. Evamor Natural Alkaline Artesian Water-32 Ounce Bottles

Evamor natural alkaline artesian water delivers high quality purified water that comes with pH levels of upto 8.8. The artesian water is naturally enriched with minerals to provide a well pH balanced clean and fresh alkaline water. The water is sourced from a private aquifer that is naturally enriched with fresh and clean water and its website provides all the needed information about its water source, the processes involved in testing the pH levels along with all the mineral content available in the purified alkaline water.


Product Highlights

  • The natural alkaline artesian water comes with a great taste
  • Sourced from a private artesian aquifer that is naturally enriched with minerals
  • Comes with bicarbonates that helps in quenching your thirst quickly
  • It also helps in keeping you hydrated for a long time
  • Contains a pH level from 8.8 – 9.1
  • pH level always stands at the same and never loses its value with time
  • Evamor website contains all the needed information from testing, water source to the mineral contents available in the water and thus adding transparency to its business
  • Evamor natural alkaline artesian water directly bottled at the source in high tech bottling plant.
  • Made using recyclable BPA-free plastic bottle


4. Alkalife TEN Alkaline Spring Water, pH 10, High in Electrolytes

Alkalife TEN Alkaline Spring water is one of the best alkaline water bottles that comes with a high pH level of 10. When many bottles that advertise with high alkaline levels but only found to be acidic in nature, Alkaline is your ideal solution for all your alkali line water needs as it is made using a patented formula using enriched minerals like potassium and sodium. The water is also filled with special electrolytes to add to the taste along with increasing the pH levels. The Alkalife TEN water is sourced from some of the best natural springs in the country.


Product Highlights

  • Comes with a high pH level of 10
  • Comes in 16.9 ounce bottles in a pack of 24
  • Sourced from the best natural springs in the country
  • Alkaline and purified water is obtained using patented formula
  • Enriched with rich minerals like potassium and sodium

5. Perfect Hydration Alkaline Electrolyte Enhanced Water

Perfect Hydration Alkaline Electrolyte Enhanced water comes with a blend of special electrolytes and rich minerals to provide great taste. It utilizes a unique 9-stage filtration process to enhance the taste and the pH level of upto 9.5. If you are spending a lot of time on the sun, then you definitely need to replenish your body with the electrolytes and drinking normal water will not do any good. The alkaline and electrolyte enhanced water can keep you hydrated, stay fresh and relaxed for a long time. The Perfect Hydration bottled water is ionized, electrolyzed, mineralized and alkalized to provide one of the best alkaline water in the industry.

10 Best Alkaline Water Bottle Brands Perfect Hydration Alkaline Electrolyte Enhanced Water

Product Highlights

  • Comes with a high pH level of 9.5
  • With a 9-stage filtration process, the water is completely supercharged and purified to the cleanest form
  • Drinking electrolyte enhanced water relaxes your mind
  • Keeps you hydrated for a long time
  • Replenishes your body with all the electrolytes after a long time in the sun
  • No harmful additives added to the alkaline water
  • Comes with a wide mouth for easy drinking and filling water


6. BlueQQ FDA Certified Premium Alkaline Mineral Ionizer Water Bottle for Table Use

The BlueQQ Premium Alkaline Mineral ionizer water bottle is completely FDA certified and is also one of the most popular alkaline water bottle brands in the world. It is said that BlueQQ has already sold over 1 million units across the globe. One of the main reasons that has made BlueQQ as a household name for alkaline water bottles is because the water is enriched with 8 important ionic minerals that provides lifelong benefits to the customer. These essential minerals are easily absorbed into our body and provides a lot of health benefits in return.


Product Highlights

  • The water is alkalized and enriched with minerals in just 10 mins
  • The package comes with a bottle and the filter cartridge
  • The bottle also comes with some disinfecting properties to prevent any kind of bacteria formation
  • Regular drinking of alkaline water enhances longer lifetime free from any kind of diseases
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Change cartridges easily


7. Biocera AHA Alkaline Hydrogen Antioxidant Water Bottle

Biocera AHA Alkaline water bottle is a another great alkaline water brand bottles that can easily turn your normal tap water into hydrogen rich, tasty and pure alkaline water in just minutes. The filter comes with high quality ceramic balls that releases all minerals like potassium, calcium, hydrogen, magnesium and others into the water to make it enriched with beneficial minerals and also to enhance its pH levels to a great extent. Made using environment friendly Tritan material that is free of Bisphenol-A and hence safe to use for a long time.


Product Highlights

  • Turns normal water into hydrogen rich alkaline water in minutes
  • Removes all kinds of oxygen free radicals and other toxic residues from water
  • The filters comes with ceramic balls certified by FD, NSF and CE
  • Made using environment friendly and BPA free material called Tritan
  • Comes in a lightweight and stylish design


8. Portable Healthy Water Bottle Mineral Filter Water Bottle Purifier Provide Hydrogen Alkaline Water Anti-Aging

The portable Healthy Water bottle provides hydrogen-rich alkaline water that also comes with anti-aging characteristics. The bottle is specially designed to allow you to easily carry it along with you wherever you go and enjoy alkaline water throughout the day. Made using safe and durable, BPA-free Tritan material that is also highly environment friendly. The purified and hydrogen rich alkaline water also boosts your metabolism levels and also reduces constipation to a great extent. It is only good for drinking, it also proves good for your skin if you wash your face and hands with mineral rich water. The powerful antioxidants in the water helps in removing all kinds of harmful free radicals and thus slows down the process of ageing to a great extent.


Product Highlights

  • Produces hydrogen-rich alkaline water that also contain anti-aging properties
  • Specially designed to be lightweight and easy to carry along
  • Eliminates all harmful oxygen free radicals from your body
  • Enhances your metabolism levels to a great extent
  • Washing your hands and face makes the skin looks shinier than before
  • Made using BPA-free, food-grade and environment friendly material called Tritan
  • Unpleasant odor and chlorine are easily removed using the natural ores present in the water
  • Increases energy levels and keeps you energetic throughout the day


9. DYLN Living Water Bottle – Alkaline Antioxidant water with VitaBead Diffuser Bamboo Cap and Silicone Sleeve Grip

The DYLN Living water bottle comes in a stainless water bottle that removing the hassles of creating plastic waste. The alkaline water is rich in antioxidants that can help in eliminating all kinds of harmful free radicals. The silicone sleeve can be easily removed to enable slip protection and also for color customization as well. With the DYLN living water bottle at your disposal, you can enjoy mineral rich alkaline water wherever you go. It comes with a pH level of upto 9 and provides enhanced hydration levels with the help of micro clusters. The bottle is made using high quality 316 surgical grade stainless steel that can come for a long time. The cap of the water bottle is also made using stainless steel along with bamboo to provide an easy to use handle on the move.

The DYLN Living Water Bottle - Alkaline Antioxidant water with VitaBead Diffuser Bamboo Cap and Silicone Sleeve Grip

Product Highlights

  • Unique and patented design
  • Can hold upto 750 ml of alkaline water
  • Comes with a pH level of 9
  • Comes with a Vitabead diffuser along with a  diffuser removal tool
  • Made using surgical grade 316 stainless steel to provide longer lifetime
  • Comes with a stainless steel and bamboo cap for easier usage

10. pH REVIVE Alkaline Water Filter Bottle & Carry Case

The pH Revive Alkaline water Filter bottle comes with a carry case to safely carry your alkaline water bottle with you all along and enjoy fresh and pure alkaline water all the time. The portable filter bottle removes all kinds of free radicals and harmful contaminants from the water and enriches the water with powerful minerals to provide various health benefits to your body.


Product Highlights

  • Provides greater hydration levels, improved mental clarity, high energy levels along with an enhanced immune system
  • Best for maintaining good health and well-being for a long time
  • Produces mineral rich, oxygenated and micro-clustered water that assists in weight-loss, reducing the acidity levels
  • Also, acts as a great detoxifier
  • Since it removes all harmful free radicals from the water, it helps reducing the aging process to some extent
  • Comes included with KDF that helps in eliminating all kinds of harmful metals including lead, copper, arsenic and other chemicals
  • Each filter can last upto 30 days
  • Easy to use one-hand flip top lid
  • Perfect for carrying it along with during travel, sports events and outdoor adventures
  • Diatomite ceramic balls helps in removing fluoride and adds beneficial calcium.
  • Anti-bacterial balls helps in removing bacteria & also removes any chance of bacterial growth.

Things to Consider while Buying Alkaline Water Bottles

Since the market is filled with a lot of alkaline water bottle products, it is important to consider the following factors before buying an alkaline water bottle. Let’s look at some these factors below:


When it comes to buying an alkaline water bottle, try to choose a company that is pretty much transparent about its products and provides maximum information about its alkaline level and how they could achieve it etc. Generally, when the acidic content is removed from the water, the alkalinity in the water level increases.


Also, make sure that the company is well accredited and licensed by the concerned authorities and hence you can be sure that the company is only marketing licensed products that are approved by the concerned government authorities. Look for accreditation logos or stamps on the package as it ensures that the water bottle has been verified, tested and authorized by some governing body and hence it is good for use. There are also pH strips available in your local store that can tell you the exact pH levels of the water.

Ease of Use

When looking to buy an alkaline water bottle, make sure to check whether the bottle is easy to use. See whether the bottle is easy to clean and maintain. Also, check whether the filters can be easily removed and changed and the process of changing filters need to be easy as with alkaline water bottle you often need to change filters to maintain pH levels at a constant.

Size and Style

Another important factor to consider is to look for the size of the water bottle. It shouldn’t be too large or too small and needs to be in a medium and decent size that can be carried along with you wherever you ago. It shouldn’t too bulky that it occupies too much space in your kitchen or in your office. Also, style is also important as it needs to have a decent look.

Filter Replacement

When it comes to filter replacement, it is a must when it comes to alkaline water bottles as the filters are the main factors that provides you with clean and fresh alkaline water. But the important factor that need to be considered here is how often the filter need to be changed. Generally, the filter for a good quality alkaline water bottle lasts for upto 3-4 weeks.

Filtration Mechanism

Also, it is important to check the water filter mechanism adopted in the water bottle to provide high quality and tasty alkaline water. Most of the water bottles employ the mechanism of removing the impurities and other toxic residues in the water to enhance the pH levels. The filtration mechanism also ensures that other dangerous and disease causing contaminants including lead, chlorine, pesticides and other chemicals are removed from the water.

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